Google a fost amendat cu 50 de milioane € si ar putea primi penalitati suplimentare în cazul în care nu modifica practicile de pana acum. Pâna în prezent, aceasta este cea mai mare amenda emisa împotriva unei societati , dupa intrarea intrat în vigoare a GDPR anul trecut.

Autoritatile de reglementare au constatat ca „unele informatii nu sunt întotdeauna clare si complete“ Google nedezvaluind utilizatorilor cât timp pastreaza informatiile utilizatorilor.

A doua „încalcare a obligatiei de a avea o baza legala pentru prelucrarea anunturilor personalizate,“ - Google nu ofera explicita si suficient terte-parti pentru publicitate în timpul procesului de înscriere cont pe Android.

This is the first time that the CNIL applies the new sanction limits provided by the GDPR. The amount decided, and the publicity of the fine, are justified by the severity of the infringements observed regarding the essential principles of the GDPR: transparency, information and consent.

Despite the measures implemented by GOOGLE (documentation and configuration tools), the infringements observed deprive the users of essential guarantees regarding processing operations that can reveal important parts of their private life since they are based on a huge amount of data, a wide variety of services and almost unlimited possible combinations. The restricted committee recalls that the extent of these processing operations in question imposes to enable the users to control their data and therefore to sufficiently inform them and allow them to validly consent.

Moreover, the violations are continuous breaches of the Regulation as they are still observed to date. It is not a one-off, time-limited, infringement.


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