En Ro | IDE-SCSI emulation if you are using an older kernel (2.2.x, 2.2.4)

This type of emulation is required if you are using an older kernel (2.2.x, 2.2.4) and want to use the CD-RW that comes with your computer. This is not required for newer kernels (2.6.x), although it is... 4 hours ago

En Ro | News brought by Pop! _OS 20.10

Among the news brought by Pop! _OS 20.10 includes: Linux Kernel version 5.8, GNOME 3.38, security updates (added in Pop! _OS 20.04), support for the DEB822 storage format, (the list of system sources is now more compact... 1 day ago

En Ro | Plasma Desktop integration with Microsoft Edge is available but ....

You probably know that Microsoft has released the Linux version of the new web browser - Edge based on Chromium. ... 2 days ago

En Ro | Microsoft Edge for Linux is now available for Linux - installation

Microsoft Edge for Linux is now available as .deb and .rpm installation packages for Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and OpenSUSE. We encourage you to take a tour! Below we provide installation instructions that can be... 4 days ago

En Ro | Tests on System76

Thelio Mega has been specially designed for intensive graphical work tasks. Tests include Inception3, Resnet50, Resnet152, VGG16 and Inception4 models. I used Tensorman, available in Pop! _OS, to run tests.... 4 days ago

En Ro | Trisquel 9.0 "Etiona" and plans for version 10.0

In Trisquel 9.0 "Etiona", despite the longer release time than usual, all packages are completely updated with long-term support updates and security patches. Trisquel 9.0, comes in several... 5 days ago

En Ro | Dual Booting Linux-Windows

For those who want to have both a Linux and a Windows system, the solution is double booting or dual booting. This is the only way you can have two or more operating systems on the same computer. The advantage... 6 days ago

En Ro | Iptables Guide - Firewall

Not infrequently we hear on forums the story of some who had the displeasure of being the victims of a trojan or exploit attack. We are already beginning to get used to these problems that we probably had.... 1 week ago

En Ro | Another application you need to have - Wallch 4.x

Wallch is an open source software up to version 4.x. It easily enters a top 30 of recommended applications, being extremely useful on countless GNU / Linux distributions. In short, the application is... 1 week ago

En Ro | The list of the most used commands in Linux.

This wants to be a list of the most used commands in Linux. It's not all, nor do we want it ... it's just the ones you really need specifically to use this operating system. ls... 1 week ago

En Ro | f.lux - Linux application that protects your eyes

We spend hours every day in front of the computer, both at work and at home. We live a large part of our lives online, working, socializing, playing games, watching movies, etc. This contemporary lifestyle... 1 week ago

En Ro | Haiku - call for wallpapers

Currently, Haiku comes with a single wallpaper (only the Haiku logo positioned at fixed coordinates on the screen) and works relatively well with different screen resolutions. The Haiku team is... 1 week ago