En Ro | EndeavourOS ARM has been developed and tested for four ARM devices

EndeavourOS ARM, created by Pudge in cooperation with Alen Baši, Johannes Kamprad, Manuel, Fernando Omichuck Frozie and Florent Valetti. EndeavourOS ARM is fully based on Archlinux ARM and has been... 10 hours ago

En Ro | Sculpt OS 20.08 - improved speed and redesigned GUI

The new version of Sculpt OS is based on the latest version of Genode 20.08 and incorporates a redesigned GUI stack for faster start-up times and an improved interactive response. The CPU affinity of... 21 hours ago

En Ro | GitHub CLI 1.0 brings GitHub to your terminal

GitHub CLI brings GitHub to your terminal and allows you to more easily create your own scripts and workflows. 21 hours ago

En Ro | Geary, the best alternative to Evolution and Mozilla Thunderbird?

Geary is a free, clear open source application, if we refer to its design, modern and very popular among users of various GNU / Linux... 1 day ago

En Ro | Are you interested in free books? Here are some sites of interest

There are countless sites where you can download free books. Of course, the format for download is electronic, and the languages ??in which these books are available are diverse, with those written in international... 2 days ago

En Ro | TUXEDO Book XUX7 - high-end office performance in a portable package

The massive chassis of the new TUXEDO Book XUX7, weighing 3.8 kg, is a real notebook with extremely high performance, without sacrificing (completely) its advantage: portability! -... 3 days ago

En Ro | Guake - a friendlier Terminal

Many of you who have switched to Linux have probably become familiar with the strong element of this operating system, the Terminal. Although at first, it would make you run away from Linux, you have noticed in... 3 days ago

En Ro | The big disadvantage of SSDs

The SSD (Solid State Drive) is a relatively recent data storage medium, similar in this respect to the hard disk drive (HDD) that we assume everyone knows. Without a device that performs this function, a... 4 days ago

En Ro | Xfce 4.16pre1 comes with a lot of new features and improvements under the hood.

Xfce 4.16pre1 is the first development version of Xfce 4.16. and comes with lots of new features and improvements under the hood. changes: General - Removal of many codes... 6 days ago

En Ro | Crust Technology, the most important open-source development platform is funded by the European Commission

Crust Technology Ltd, based in Ireland, is funded by the European Commission's Next Generation Internet initiative to provide the Cortex platform as a federated cloud sharing solution for records. Crust,... 1 week ago

En Ro | The 64-bit NuTyX 11.6 contains over 1000 updated packages.

In the latest version, the basic NuTyX comes with the long-term support (LTS) kernel 4.19.143 and the latest stable 5.8.7. NuTyX 11.6 64-bit contains over 1000 updated packages. The 32-bit version of NuTyX is... 1 week ago

En Ro | DahliaOS is an operating system that combines the best of GNU / Linux and Fuchsia OS

dahliaOS offers a fast and stable experience on almost any computer, from an older desktop to the latest generation of notebooks. Dual-kernel allows users with new hardware to take advantage of the Zircon... 1 week ago