Cum vă petreceți timpul? Windows vs. Linux Lite


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How do you spend your time?

10 Things to do after installing Windows 10

  1. Install and configure Windows Updates – SECURITY
  2. Install Anti Virus software and Anti Malware software – SECURITY
  3. Disable Wi-Fi Sense – you don’t need to share your Wi-Fi network details with your Facebook, Outlook or Skype contacts – KEY LOGGER, DATA MINING
  4. Turn off your Location – If you’re using a laptop, you’re allowing Windows 10 and third-party apps to access your location – DATA MINING
  5. Turn off ‘Your advertising ID’ – Each Microsoft account has a unique advertising ID that lets the company collect information about you – DATA MINING
  6. Turn off ‘Send Microsoft info about how I write’ – DATA MINING
  7. ‘Let websites provide locally relevant content’ – turn it off if you’d rather sites not know what language your system uses – DATA MINING
  8. Turn off ‘Getting to Know You’ – Microsoft will collect data on your Contacts and Calendar events, speech and handwriting patterns, and your typing history – KEY LOGGER
  9. Uninstall Windows 10 – Start > Settings > Update & Security > Recovery and choose the Go back to Windows 7 or better still…
  10. Format your computer and install Linux Lite.

10 Things to do after installing Linux Lite

  1. Install Updates.
  2. Set a Restore Point.
  3. Set your system Language.
  4. Install your favorite familiar applications like Spotify and Steam via Lite Software, with just a few clicks, all at the same time.
  5. Spend the time you would have otherwise disabling all the Privacy settings on Windows 10, with your children.
  6. Bake your first loaf of bread with that Breadmaker you got for your birthday.
  7. Watch that movie you’ve been meaning to get to, but you’ve been putting off.
  8. Rekindle an old forgotten hobby.
  9. Ok, we’re out of ideas. Let’s just call it the Top 9.

You now have all this spare time on your hands. You’ll find more fun things to do than spending a day waiting for Updates to install with multiple reboots, paying for and installing Anti Virus software and Anti Malware software, disabling all the Privacy setting in Windows 10 that either log your key entries, or collect data on you BY DEFAULT.

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