En Ro | The 64-bit NuTyX 11.6 contains over 1000 updated packages.

In the latest version, the basic NuTyX comes with the long-term support (LTS) kernel 4.19.143 and the latest stable 5.8.7. NuTyX 11.6 64-bit contains over 1000 updated packages. The 32-bit version of NuTyX is... 1 month ago

En Ro | DahliaOS is an operating system that combines the best of GNU / Linux and Fuchsia OS

dahliaOS offers a fast and stable experience on almost any computer, from an older desktop to the latest generation of notebooks. Dual-kernel allows users with new hardware to take advantage of the Zircon... 1 month ago

En Ro | Linux commands that help us get to know our system better

Those who use at least one Linux distribution already know that these operating systems, although free, are sufficiently developed that the graphical environment used, be it Unity, Gnome, Mate, Cinnamon, KDE, etc.... 1 month ago

En Ro | Public services in Greenland, Sweden and soon Germany use OS2datascanner

OS2datascanner, the GDPR compliance scanner in Denmark, generates reports on compliance with European data protection and confidentiality standards. OS2datascanner looks for sensitive data in emails,... 1 month ago

En Ro | MX Workbench 2020 released - tool for administrators

MX Workbench is a personal project (not an official MX version). It is a Live-USB version of Linux made with MX tools, which is meant to be a kind of tool for administrators, which contains a lot of useful... 1 month ago

En Ro | Public services in the Slovak Republic will request open source when purchasing software and related services

This is one of the recommendations of a case study published in April last year by the Public Procurement Office of... 1 month ago

En Ro | Hotmaps - Open source mapping and planning tool

Hotmaps is an open source project for local, regional and national administrations on heating and cooling planning (heating and cooling in the residential and industrial sectors account for half of the EU's... 1 month ago

En Ro | Finnish application Koronavilkku Covid-19 - open source solution under public license of the European Union

The Finnish application Koronavilkku Covid-19 has been declared an open source solution under a public license of the European Union (EUPL). Koronavilkku software is developed by the Finnish Institute for... 1 month ago

En Ro | What is and how does Ritchie work?

Ritchie is an open source framework that creates and modifies a CLI for your team. It allows you to easily create, create and share formulas. Ritchie currently has two versions available. How does... 1 month ago

En Ro | How can you feel the simple, efficient, fast Linux spirit

Installing a GNU / Linux distribution is a breeze. Anyone who has ever installed the Windows operating system can easily install a GNU / Linux distribution. The user, if he decides to make the transition from... 1 month ago

En Ro | Sparky 2020.09 - Fix the Sparky Advanced Installer problem

Sparky 2020.09 is based on Debian testing "Bullseye" and offers package updates and troubleshooting the advanced Sparky installer. There is no problem if you installed Sparky 2020.08 using Calamares... 1 month ago

En Ro | HP Z Series with Ubuntu - Z Connect, Intel Processors and NVIDIA Graphics

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS is certified on ZBook Fury G7 15 and 17. The 17 ″ model is the smallest, equipped with NVIDIA RTX 5000. Users can now do multitasking tasks, along with the latest Intel processors and... 1 month ago