En Ro | Edge on Linux will be available next month for Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and OpenSUSE

Edge on Linux will be available next month (October 2020). There are some features that will... 23 hours ago

En Ro | 1,000,000 students enrolled in the free course - Introduction to Linux (LFS101)

This course explains the tools and techniques used by administrators and end users of the Linux system used in their daily work in a Linux... 1 day ago

En Ro | Librem 14 available in December 2020

Librem 14 will be powered by an Intel processor with 6 cores / 12 threads, clocked at 4.70Ghz - i7-10710U - 10th gen . The initial estimate that shipping / availability will start in the fourth quarter of 2020,... 2 days ago

En Ro | How did the green robot - Android mascot - appear?

An extremely frequent presence in recent years, a character we all know. 3 days ago

En Ro | Wickr - top secret messaging

Recently, a lot of applications dedicated to communication have appeared, which offer a higher degree of protection to users.... 3 days ago

En Ro | Linux that never disappoints me

Those who read the articles on this site may find that those operating systems are generally presented to the general public. The site is one that is addressed especially to novices or average users of Linux,... 4 days ago

En Ro | EndeavourOS ARM has been developed and tested for four ARM devices

EndeavourOS ARM, created by Pudge in cooperation with Alen Baši, Johannes Kamprad, Manuel, Fernando Omichuck Frozie and Florent Valetti. EndeavourOS ARM is fully based on Archlinux ARM and has been... 5 days ago

En Ro | Sculpt OS 20.08 - improved speed and redesigned GUI

The new version of Sculpt OS is based on the latest version of Genode 20.08 and incorporates a redesigned GUI stack for faster start-up times and an improved interactive response. The CPU affinity of... 6 days ago

En Ro | GitHub CLI 1.0 brings GitHub to your terminal

GitHub CLI brings GitHub to your terminal and allows you to more easily create your own scripts and workflows. 6 days ago

En Ro | Geary, the best alternative to Evolution and Mozilla Thunderbird?

Geary is a free, clear open source application, if we refer to its design, modern and very popular among users of various GNU / Linux... 1 week ago

En Ro | Are you interested in free books? Here are some sites of interest

There are countless sites where you can download free books. Of course, the format for download is electronic, and the languages ??in which these books are available are diverse, with those written in international... 1 week ago

En Ro | TUXEDO Book XUX7 - high-end office performance in a portable package

The massive chassis of the new TUXEDO Book XUX7, weighing 3.8 kg, is a real notebook with extremely high performance, without sacrificing (completely) its advantage: portability! -... 1 week ago