Vanilla OS 22.10 Kinetic with Apx, GNOME 43, ABRoot

Vanilla OS 22.10 Kinetic, the first stable release of the project, is available for download! Vanilla OS comes with its own sub-system package manager, called Apx.

"Apx introduces a whole new paradigm in package management.

The idea is to use your system only as a box for storing your files, leaving it clean of packages and limiting the risk of breaking due to incompatible, poorly constructed or conflicting packages.

By default, Apx provides a container based on your Linux distribution (Ubuntu 22.10 for Vanilla OS 22.10) and wraps all commands from the distribution’s package manager (apt for Ubuntu)."

ABRoot is a new technology that allows you to perform changes to your system atomically, limiting the risk of breaking your system. Atomicity is the ability to perform a specific operation in a way where if it fails, nothing will be changed and if it succeeds, the changes will be applied in their entirety.

Vanilla OS comes with a new concept of automatic updating, an intelligent system let’s say. VSO (Vanilla System Operator) is the tool that will periodically check for an update and then download and install it in the background if the device is not under heavy usage.

Vanilla OS uses GNOME 43 as its Desktop Environment. It is a stock, clean version with as few changes as possible to give you the best GNOME experience ever.

All official Vanilla OS applications are built with GTK4 and Libadwaita to be as consistent as possible with the GNOME experience.

Wallpaper has a light and a dark version, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Download Vanilla OS 22.10 Kinetic



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