Bluewhite Linux is (was) a Romanian Linux distribution, an unofficial port of Slackware distribution on AMD64 and Intel EM64T architecture. Bluewhite Linux is a complex 64-bit operating system and includes the latest Open Source technologies. It runs flawlessly on the full range of servers and workstations that are equipped with AMD64 and Intel EM64T (Extended Memory 64-bit Technology) processors with one or more cores.

From the first version, Bluewhite maintains simplicity, stability and safety in operation. Don't try to compete with Windows, just try to be the best Linux possible. Bluewhite does not aim to cover programs with fancy graphical interfaces, instead, it puts users in total control over the system, letting them interact with it down to the smallest detail. The development of the distribution is not rushed to meet the deadlines, each version is released when it is ready. Bluewhite is the ideal distribution for those who like to learn and configure their own system, letting them do exactly what they want. Stability and simplicity are the reasons why mutti use this distribution and also for these reasons they will use it many years from now.

Bluewhite Linux has a reputation for being solid, stable and secure, both as a workstation, but especially as a server. Once installed and configured, the servers can support business, being able to play any desired role, with low costs. Web servers, FTP, e-mail, DNS, back-up and much more, are turnkey functional, as well as a wide range of desktop environments (graphical interfaces - window manager). The Linux kernel on which the Bluewhite distribution is based, works flawlessly on the entire range of servers, from low-end to high-end, with multiprocessor support (up to 255 processors) and special optimizations for each processor class AMD64 and Intel EM64T. Also included are a variety of programming tools, text editors, and current libraries for those who want to compile their own programs.

The latest version of the distribution is 13.0, from 09.09.2009. - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

About Bluewhite Llinux (Probably The Best Pure 64-bit Linux)

The standard version of Bluewhite Linux is a complex, reliable, scalable open source pure 64-bit Linux distribution that runs on single and multicore AMD64 Sempron, Athlon, Opteron, Turion, Phenom I / II, and Intel EM64T servers and workstations.

This project was started in May 2006 and was built from Slackware -current sources using the existing 64-bit multilib toolchain from the Slamd64 Linux (thanks Fred!) To create a new 64-bit non-multilib toolchain in order to build the rest of the programs.

Apart from the standard edition there are live versions, namely LiveDVD and miniLive. These versions have their base root in the standard edition and offer extra packages created by the Bluewhite Linux community. The purpose of these live versions is to serve as a preview to those who wish to try the standard edition but don't want to install it yet, as well as providing some new features.

Bluewhite Linux LiveDVD and miniLive are targeted toward beginners. A new distribution tends to make people skeptical, so I wanted to give them a chance to test Bluewhite Linux without installing it by using a bootable media. They include Bluewhite Linux standard edition plus some extra packages.

The miniLive version was born because some users wanted a smaller Live edition and to satisfy my own curiosity. I wanted to see how much I could strip down a 64-bit operating system while providing a minimum of software packages. 64-bit packages are somewhat larger than the 32-bit versions of the same software.

I'd like to Thanks to Patrick J. Volkerding, Robby Workman, Eric Hameleers, Piter Punk for their work on the Linux Slackware. Also, thanks to all others who send reports, patches, suggestions, fixes to the Slackware team. Thank You All!

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