Serpent OS will be a Linux distribution with different objectives than another Linux distribution, and development will begin by the end of July. Serpent OS will not be a GNU / Linux a Linux for the masses, and will not depend on toolchain or runtime

Ikey Doherty: If you're looking for a modern, lightweight, easy-to-use desktop distribution that focuses on privacy, then you're in the wrong place. We focused on building a Linux distribution that meets our own needs. First, a Linux distribution for people who want to use Linux, not a "Linux-based system" that focuses on interoperability with macOS * + Windows

Some ideas about the Serepent OS project:

- No more usrbin split
- 100% clang-built throughout (including kernel)
- musl as libc, relying on compiler optimizations instead of inline asm
- libc ++ instead of libstdc ++
- LLVM's binutils variants (lld, as, etc.)
- Mixed source / binary distribution
- Moving away from x86_64-generic baseline to newer CPUs, including Intel and AMD specific optimizations
- Capability based subscriptions in package manager (Hardware / user choice / etc)
- UEFI only. No more legacy boot.
- Completely open source, down to the bootstrap / rebuild scripts
- Seriously optimized for serious workloads.
- Third party applications reliant on containers only. No compat-hacks
- Wayland-only. X11 compatibility via containers will be investigated
- Fully stateless with management tools and upstreaming of patches
- Lots, lots more. We'll blog about it.

For more details in the future keep close.


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