Zenwalk Linux, a Slackware-based distribution, comes with the latest version of the project that offers desktop users with Xfce 4.14 and Flatpak support. WFP support, imported from the Slackware development line, is also available.

Zenwalk and ntroduce support Flatpak to install any application from Flathub or GNOME Desktop.

The new Netpkg package manager is rewritten for instant access to thousands of packages in the Slackware community and to keep the system up to date easily.

Kernel 5.4.50.

Enhanced SBC XQ codec in Pulseaudio featuring APTX-HQ.

Chromium v83.0.4103.61.

Cititi mai multe stiri/noutati despre Zenwalk aici ... Source: zenwalk.org

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