This version of Clonezilla live 2.6.7-28 includes many major improvements and bug fixes. Changes made since version 2.6.6-15:

- The basic GNU / Linux operating system has been updated. This version is based on the Debian Sid repository (as of June 30, 2020).
- The Linux kernel has been updated to 5.7.6-1.
- ocs-iso, ocs-live-dev: synchronize syslinux-related files when copying syslinux runtime files.
- When we create the ISO / zip recovery file, if it is in the Clonezilla live environment, we have those syslinux files.
- Moved grub-header.cfg from bootx64.efi to grub.cfg so that it is more flexible.
- To avoid conflict with the grub patch in CentOS / Fedora, for the GRUB EFI NB MAC / IP configuration style, the netboot file is now like grub.cfg-drbl-00: 50: 56: 01: 01: 01 and grub .cfg -drbl- no more grub.cfg-01- *.
- Added xen tools
- Partclona was updated on 0.3.14. The codes for xfs have been updated to be 4.20.0.
- The exfat-fuse package has been removed because the kernel has a way to do so.
- A better mechanism for treating linuxefi / initrdefi or linux / initrd in the grub configuration has been added.

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