A modern sysadmin does not deal with processes, but with groups. The cgroup manager (which will usually be sistemd) generates each service as a cgroup. CGroup in Plasma 5.19 comes with a lot of new features that weren't available at the trial level. What can we do :

- Set limits so that a processor can not use more than N%
- We can gracefully close disconnection processes
- We can disable networks
- We can set memory limits
- We can prevent fork bombs
- We can give clues to the killer OOM not only with a weight, but with expected intervals that should be considered normal
- We can freeze groups of processes (which will be useful for mobile plasma)

All this can be easily added by a user / system administrator, using the drop-in options.

Additional features added to CGroup

Warning: Some of these features work for applications created as new transient services

Sursa: davidedmundson.co.uk

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