Those who read the articles on this site may find that those operating systems are generally presented to the general public. The site is one that is addressed especially to novices or average users of Linux, the specialists having, of course, their guaranteed place, but it is not the main target. For this reason we provide information about those operating systems considered to be easy to use, extremely stable and friendly, especially with users from Windows. Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Manjaro, Voyager, Fedora, Debian etc. it is in our attention being the subject of articles in general with thousands of active readings. They are characterized both by the ease of use and the stability they show and by the fact that they are very well known and used, including by Romanians.

However, rarely, to be honest, about two or three times a year, there have been times when certain operating systems have proven to get tired faster than necessary, disappointing. It would be hypocritical not to say that there are no problems in this vast universe of GNU / Linux distributions. What any user knows is that in the vast majority of cases these problems make their presence felt after small experiments. The disappointment did not necessarily come because of the operating system, for this reason we will not give a name, but rather due to certain settings made by us that have altered, sometimes irreparably, the proper functioning of the operating system. Most of the time, in three movements, things returned to normal.

But there is, in this universe of GNU / Linux distributions, a certain distribution that has never disappointed us. It is known, used and with a rich history, where you put that it has been written many times about it, including on this site. openSUSE, because this distribution is about, seems to be, in our opinion, for years, the most stable and modern GNU / Linux distribution. An interesting fact is that it runs very well and is able to move weak computers as a configuration, succeeding where certain graphical environments specially made for these categories fail. True, openSUSE moves blood even in the oldest computers. For Romanian users it is not an unknown distribution, many hearing about it, but it is not in the top of many people's preferences,

The openSUSE operating system is presented, just like Ubuntu or Linux Mint, with several graphical environments that address different categories of users and computers. The characteristic element of all these graphic environments is represented by stability and resistance to stress. For this reason, verified and re-verified by us over several years, from about 2007 until now, openSUSE is a permanent guest on our computers, sometimes in KDE, sometimes in GNOME. openSUSE is that operating system that you go back to when you have a hard time, that does your job with dedication, that has no moods, that you can rely on that it doesn't let you down and that, so far, has never cracked .

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