Linux is not just a product from which company X or Y tries to make a profit. Linux, as a whole, is the result of the work of many communities of users and developers, but it is worth more than the sum of the efforts of each individual. It takes a lot of ambition, creativity, openness, inspiration and faith in freedom for an idea, that of free software, to come to life and develop, becoming within a few years a large phenomenon. Perhaps the initiators of this idea did not even imagine that people's freedom to use, modify and distribute software for free will have such an impact.

We know that there are currently a huge number of distributions based on the kernel written by Linus Torvalds in 1991 and later developed. Anyone with a minimum of curiosity and desire to learn, can choose, install and use the distribution that best suits his needs and preferences, either on the desktop or laptop or on the server. Countless applications have been developed used in all fields, applications that also evolve very quickly due to the large number of individuals who contribute to their development and improvement.

And all this exists and you can use it without paying anything , without breaking any law.

It is enough to open your eyes a little better and you will see Windows as it really is: a trap in which many are attracted by the illusion of comfort, which endangers, almost without realizing it, their own freedom. , paying considerable sums of money for usage rights or breaking the law by hacking Windows and other programs used on this operating system.

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