Elementary OS 6 is now in Early Access Builds. There is still a lot of work to be done before launching a beta version. Here are some features planned for Elementary OS 6:

Updated appearance - from panel and system applications to AppCenter applications. More refined design, thanks to HhandWindow from Libhandy.

Dark style for system components .

Default color chosen by the user for all applications - the color can be changed: Strawberry, Orange, Banana, Lime, Mint, Grape, or Bubblegum.

Major updates to communication and organization applications, based on the Evolution data server.

A major rewrite of Mail - based on Evolution instead of Geary.

New Task Application - manages local tasks as well as any activity lists synchronized with the Evolution data server.

A new installer and initial setup - Installation should be much faster and more efficient, requiring only the essentials.

More multi-touch support for application navigation, using the Libhandy library.

Cititi mai multe stiri/noutati despre elementary OS aici ... Source: elementary.io

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