dahliaOS offers a fast and stable experience on almost any computer, from an older desktop to the latest generation of notebooks. Dual-kernel allows users with new hardware to take advantage of the Zircon Kernel, while maintaining support for older devices that use the Linux kernel.

You can add applications from other operating systems using the Containers application. dahliaOS also provides support for native third-party Flutter applications.

If something goes wrong, dahliaOS will automatically download and start the latest image.

Powered by the Buildroot building system, dahliaOS is packaged in a small 160 MB * image file, using only 199 MB of RAM when idle.

To provide the widest range of support, dahliaOS offers versions based on both Zircon and Linux kernels. Both images offer the same excellent desktop experience.

dahliaOS is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license and all our source code can be found on Github.

dahliaOS in the latest version 200830 adds some new work features in progress to Pangolin, expands translations and updates the Linux kernel to 5.7.19. This version has only 85 MB, which makes it the smallest version so far!

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