This wants to be a list of the most used commands in Linux. It's not all, nor do we want it ... it's just the ones you really need specifically to use this operating system.

ls [+options] - Lists files in a directory.

ps [+options] - Lists the processes running in the background at that time. Here you can see the PID number of these applications.

kill [+nr pid] - Stops the process indicated by the PID. You can use kill -9 [+ no pid] to forcefully stop the background process.

cd [+name directory] - Access the respective directory

mkdir [+name directory] - Create a directory with the name you specified.

rm [+ optiuni] way/for/file/or/directory - Delete that file or directory. Optional and widely used is the -f option which forces deletion.

cp [name file] [name file] - Copy a file from one location to another or create a copy with a different name.

mount [-t tip_filesystem] [point] [device] - Allows access to a source that is otherwise inaccessible. Example mount / dev / hdc / mnt / cdrom

umount - The opposite of mount

uptime - Shows how long the Linux system has been running on that computer.

man [cuvant-cheie]- A manual that obtains information about a specific keyword. Example man lilo.conf

su [+user] - Swap the current user with another specified in the prompt. adduser [+ username] Adds a user to that Linux system. uname Show system version.

dmesg- Lists the boot messages, helping you to notice any errors that may occur.

startx - In case the X server in your distribution does not load automatically at boot (Slackware), with this command you can start it.

shutdown -r now - Forces immediate restart.

halt, reboot, poweroff, shutdown - Shut down the Linux system.

dir- Lists the contents of a directory.

ln - Create links / links between files.

pwd - Shows the current path (directory structure).

fdisk / cfdisk - Partition Manipulation Program.

lilo - Updates the LInux LOader configuration

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