MX 19.2 Base Edition Personal Respin is available in both 32-bit (Xfce and Fluxbox) and 64-bit (Xfce only) versions. These ISOs are based on the MX-19.2 and are designed to contain the desktop environment, productivity applications, games, etc. different from the usual ISO.

They will work just like any other MX system, unless you choose your own additional applications and features. Xfce ISOs do not include MX-Fluxbox, which is available in a dedicated version using the latest version 2.2 MX-Base CE is perfect for people who want to run MX in a single-use environment.

3 ISOs have been made available:

MX-19.2_x64.iso - Xfce on 64 bits, 1.1 GB

MX-19.2_base_386.iso - Xfce 32-bit 1.1GB

MX-19.2_flux_base_386.iso - 1.2 GB 32-bit Fluxbox

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