In Trisquel 9.0 "Etiona", despite the longer release time than usual, all packages are completely updated with long-term support updates and security patches. Trisquel 9.0, comes in several variants:

- Desktop MATE , by default. Based on the popular GNOME 2.x fork, this edition offers a classic desktop environment that matches the user experience of previous Trisquel releases.
- Trisquel Mini , a lightweight version for older systems. Based on the LXDE desktop environment and a selection of resource-saving applications to bring new life to your hardware
- Trisquel , which runs the KDE environment. Excellent by customizing the design and the detailed look.
- Trisquel netinstall. To implement with a command line installation interface, ideal for servers and advanced users.
- Trisquel TOAST, based on the Sugar learning platform. It comes with dozens of educational activities for children.

The default web browser "Abrowser" offers the latest updates for an excellent browsing experience.

Backports offer extended hardware support and other goodies, such as a newer LibreOffice and many other utilities.

Development work for the next version is ready to begin, and the first step to start building packages is to set a code name.

Bring suggestions for a name inspired by Celtic mythology (as is the tradition).

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