Public version M2 Tizen 6.0 provides developers with Tizen kernels, device drivers, middleware subsystems, and Native / Web / TizenFX APIs.

The key aspects of this release are:

- Support for AI vision on the device (Reference model for human recognition of media vision - hand skeleton, position of the human body)
- Support in the development of the Tizen 64Bit AI platform
- Improvements to AI programming interfaces for voice
- Improve the portable frame for gestures
- NUI support 2.0 (2D and 3D unified F / W, OneUI 2.x)
- Supports flexible media playback engine and interface
- BLE Mesh Framework support for IoT devices
- Optimize power consumption for laptops
- Supports customizable home frame
- Kernel for Raspberry Pi 4 has been updated to version 5.4.50.
- 64Bit Kernel and Boot for Raspberry Pi 4 were supported.
- Dose mode has been developed to save energy during the LCD shutdown period.
- The Always displayed function has been improved for a better user experience.
- Configurable CPU fixation for heterogeneous cores has been developed.
- Processor downtime monitoring has been improved to prevent battery consumption.
- The API C set has been added to obtain battery information.
- Added C # API for QoS power management.


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