GCompris is a popular collection of educational and fun applications for children between 2 and 10 years old. GCompris has become popular with teachers, parents and, most importantly, offers a growing list of activities - over 150 at last count. These activities have been translated into over 20 languages and cover a wide range of topics, from basic knowledge and literacy to history, art, geography and technology.

The latest version of GCompris also incorporates a feature that teachers and parents will find useful: GCompris 1.0 allows educators to select the level of activities according to the competence of each child. For example, in an activity that allows children to learn about numbers, you can also select which numbers they can learn, leaving larger and more difficult numbers for a later stage. It allows you to choose whether the child will work many hours, half an hour, quarters of an hour, minutes and so on.

GCompris congratulates, but does not rebuke; all the characters the child interacts with are friendly; the activities are brightly colored, contain encouraging voices and soothing music.

The hardware requirements for running GCompris are extremely low and will work well on older computers or low-power machines, such as the Raspberry Pi. This saves you the investment budget in new and expensive equipment. GCompris works on Windows, Android and GNU / Linux computers, as well as any desktop, laptop, tablet and phone.

GCompris is built, maintained and regularly updated by the KDE community and is free and open source software. It is distributed free of charge and does not require subscriptions and does not require personal details. GCompris does not display advertising, and the creators have no commercial interest.

In addition to increasing the number and variety of activities, for example, a future feature is a complete dashboard that will give teachers better control over how students interact with GCompris.

Source: kde.org

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