Posibila data de lansare pentru Plasma 6.0 ar putea fi - ianuarie 2021 ?!. Iata o prima idee despre lucrul la KDE Plasma 6.

David Edmundson: "6.0" is a word that brings a lot of excitement but also a lot of aprehension and for good reason. The reason our .0 releases sometimes struggle to match the quality isn't due to changes in the underlying libraries changing but how much we have to port away from the things that we've deprecated internally and have put off porting to.

Too many changes in one release becomes overwhelming and bugs creep in without time to get address them.

We want to be proactive in avoiding that.

At a recent Plasma sprint, we went through some of our bigger targets that we want to finish completely porting away from in time for the 6.0 release that we can actively start doing within the 5.x series where we can do things more gradually and inrecementally.

Taskuri in lucru:

T13315 Port away from DataEngines
T13316 Port clock + time engine
T13317 Port device notifier away from dataengines
T13318 Port lock-logout from data engines
T13319 Port system tray away from SNI dataengine
T13320 Port kimpanel away from dataengines
T13321 Port konsoleprofiles away from dataengines
T13322 Port weather applet away from dataengines
T13323 Port POTD away from dataengines
T13324 Port mediacontroller away from DataEngines
T13325 Port appmenu away from dataengines
T13326 Port battery monitor from dataengines
T13327 Port userswitcher from dataengines
T13328 Port timer from dataengines
T13329 Port keyboard indicator applet from dataengines
T13330 Port taskmanager from dataengines
T13331 Port ShowActivtyManager from DataEngines
T13332 Port Pager from Dataengines

Sursa: davidedmundson.co.uk

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