En Ro | Rogentos - End of story ... Argent Linux RIP ....

The Rogentos ( Romanian Gentoo Operating Systems) team seems to have fallen apart or is in a great stalemate. Several projects are affected: initially Kogaion GNU / Linux transformed (repainted) then into... 1 day ago

En Ro | Brave Sync is now available for desktop and Android users

Starting today, Brave users (version 1.12) and Android users (version 1.12) can use completely redesigned synchronization between the desktop version and the Android version. IOS support will follow soon. Sync... 2 days ago

En Ro | CAELinux 2020 is based on Xubuntu 18.04

CAELinux 2020 is based on Xubuntu 18.04 and is customized to provide many open source simulation tools for analysis , thermal or fluid flow simulation, but also contains a full range of mathematical modeling,... 2 days ago

En Ro | Uno Platform on Linux with Visual Studio facilitates multi-platform development

Platform One supports Linux. Uno allows you to build native mobile, desktop and WebAssembly applications with C # and XAML from a single code base. You can build Linux applications with Uno using Visual Studio... 2 days ago

En Ro | Archman Deepin 20 Beta

Archman Deepin 20 Beta Ready is in stable version. Deepin Desktop Management is in Beta 20 due... 3 days ago

En Ro | Finnix 121 migrates to Debian Testing

Finnix, a Debian-based bootable distribution, is migrating from the stable version of Debian to the Debian Testing version.... 4 days ago

En Ro | 16 commands that you should not violate on Facebook

Out of the desire to always stay in the center of attention, countless owners of Facebook accounts, jump the horse with certain posts. Later, regrets may be unnecessary, especially if the authorities, friends or thieves... 5 days ago

En Ro | Porteus moves from RC2 after almost 14 months of development

Porteus is moving from RC1 after almost 14 months of development to RC2 for its final release at 5.0, based on Slackware and available seven desktop flavors. Some changes: -... 6 days ago

En Ro | Wrong password in Terminal? You may receive ... an insult or a threat!

The terminal continues to be an essential tool for many Linux users who, with all the momentum that graphical interfaces have taken lately, often solve much faster situations such as updating the system, installing... 6 days ago

En Ro | Kodi 19.x Matrix - Alpha 1 is a major version

Kodi 19.x Matrix - Alpha 1 is a major version, which comes with many new features, and will go through to the final release through the stages >>> Alpha / Beta / Release Candidate. ... 1 week ago

En Ro | Linux Peppermint 11 Fast And Sleek - coming soon

Linux Operating System Peppermint 11 "Fast And Sleek" is ready for release soon. 1 week ago