Convenience, lack of information, herd spirit, arrogance, ignorance and tens of millions of dollars invested by Microsoft over time in advertising, these would be the main reasons identified by us that explain the reluctance of many Romanians to GNU-based operating systems. / Linux. We could say that, although it is used even by the secret services and carries behind the International Space Station, Linux is not as good for the simple Romanian nor for the authorities.

If in the case of the "authorities" the phenomenon is easily explained by the monstrous system of strings that promoted a certain operating system in the state institutions, in the case of the simple man things are, however, more complicated. The loser is the Romanian state, ie the citizen, forced to pay tens of millions of dollars on operating system licenses, when he might not give a penny, since we have free alternatives.

All over the world, for security reasons, but also for economic reasons, there is a current trend of giving up Windows in favor of GNU / Linux. Unfortunately, in Romania, we do not want to see this evolution that takes care of the taxpayer's money.

Going beyond the fact that, although we have enough specialists and Olympians in computer science, for the simple Romanian, in general, an operating system does not seem at all an interesting topic of discussion. There are millions of Romanians who, even if they have a computer at home, only use it to listen to music on YouTube or enter Facebook. Worse is the fact that this behavior is specific to many young people who use the computer for exactly the same purposes, possibly to play games, download movies or pirated software from the torrent and quite rarely for other activities with truly productive. Although they can make money carts with a little talent and involvement, our young people do not have high expectations from them in this field.

Although we are extremely bad in these areas, you rarely find in Romania a computer that does not run a Windows 7.8 or 10, mostly pirated, meaning stolen. And, although on Linux, as a simple user or expert, you do the same kind of activities as on Windows, the Romanian is reluctant. It doesn't seem to matter to anyone that Linux is free and legal, that it looks better, that it doesn't involve any cost, that it's a much safer ecosystem than Windows, that it runs faster, that it brings newer technologies and that is at least as productive as Windows, but more logical and easy to change than this. I'm wodering why?

It's no secret that millions of computers in this country run a pirated copy of Windows, which runs on viruses and is a real bombshell for the user, who, more recently, has caught the taste of online shopping. And, as always, in order not to be detected and removed by Microsoft, Windows is left out of date, in addition to the fact that many Romanians have no idea what it is and what to eat an antivirus, and those who have installed one has not been updated since installation.

Although it runs Linux on Android and praises it by squinting at Windows 8 phones, Linux does not have the same success on desktops. Of course, Linux operating systems, being free, cannot afford to buy advertising minutes on TV or radio, their only way to promote themselves is through user satisfaction. The problem comes from the store that sells you a laptop or a desktop. A real black industry has been created in this field. For a sum of money, the client, in many cases, is assured that a copy of Windows will be installed under the table, although this is illegal and both risk criminal cases and hefty fines. The seller, instead of opening the customer's eyes and presenting him with a free alternative, prefers to lie to him by omission. The system thus created is very profitable if we take into account how often a Windows has problems and is taken to the doctor, ie also to the seller. More money, more fun.


In vain do you tell many people that Linux Mint, for example, is safer, faster, more elegant, more stable and more logical than Windows 7 and that you can do whatever you want using it. You lose many as soon as you start proving them right. They prefer, without any logical explanation, to reinstall the pirated copy of Windows after a number of months or to pay the "boys" to do so, to spend whole days updating the operating system, devirusing it, maintaining it, stay at the mercy of your computer when your weather is dearer. I think that in the case of many, indifference is the biggest enemy.

Convenience and ignorance

Convenience glazed with ignorance is a curse on the heads of many. In three moves it could improve its standard of living, but ignorance and convenience prevent it from looking for alternatives to Windows. Why waste time adapting to a new operating system that, between us, is very intuitive and logical, why read something about it or test it. Better to waste time sitting on Facebook and swearing at viruses that send porn messages to friends. If the comfortable and the ignorant are also young, it is even worse, because the inability to adapt no longer recommends him for a possible job.

Arrogance and arrogance

"Well, how can he not have the latest version of Windows? What, he's worse than others ..." This is the mentality of many. Unfortunately, a "jmecker" that risks a lot. In addition, how can the Romanian tell the neighbor of the apartment that he is running a Linux, for free, when the neighbor was just bragging that he "broke" 80 lei for the installation of the last mega pirated and virus-infected copy of Windows 8. Well, man "ie iel"?

The spirit of the flock

Well, if everyone uses Windows, what do I have? That would be the ultimate argument of many. Unfortunately, the spirit of the herd only brought capping and lagging behind.

One of the strongest arguments I hear against Linux is that the Adobe suite doesn't work completely on Linux yet. All Romanians, even my father Marghioala from the hill, from the ravine, became, overnight, experts in Photoshop and this hurts them the most because they do not want to install Linux.

30 years have passed since the revolution and we can no longer have as an excuse for our return the stepsons of the communist system, the problem is with us and, unfortunately, the vast majority of the population is not even aware that it has this problem.

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