Porteus is moving from RC1 after almost 14 months of development to RC2 for its final release at 5.0, based on Slackware and available seven desktop flavors.

Some changes:

- Linux kernel 5.4.57;

- added experimental support for RAID arrays;

- GTK 3 switched to 002-xorg, GTK 2 removed (some desktop environments include it - Openbox, LXDE, Xfce);

- Porteus gtkdialog scripts are ported to pygobject3 (incomplete and continuous, gtkdialog (built with GTK 3) remains for some unported scripts);

- new basic module - 002-xtra containing customized multimedia packages (eg FFmpeg, mpv);

- applications common to all desktop environments moved to 002-xorg or 002-xtra (GParted, Transmission, Celluloid);

- rebuilt initrd.xz with new BusyBox and improved linuxrc.

- numerous bugs fixed.


Cititi mai multe stiri/noutati despre Porteus aici ... Source: porteus.org

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