Porteus moves from RC2 after almost 14 months of development

Porteus is moving from RC1 after almost 14 months of development to RC2 for its final release at 5.0, based on Slackware and available seven desktop flavors.

Some changes:

- Linux kernel 5.4.57;

- added experimental support for RAID arrays;

- GTK 3 switched to 002-xorg, GTK 2 removed (some desktop environments include it - Openbox, LXDE, Xfce);

- Porteus gtkdialog scripts are ported to pygobject3 (incomplete and continuous, gtkdialog (built with GTK 3) remains for some unported scripts);

- new basic module - 002-xtra containing customized multimedia packages (eg FFmpeg, mpv);

- applications common to all desktop environments moved to 002-xorg or 002-xtra (GParted, Transmission, Celluloid);

- rebuilt initrd.xz with new BusyBox and improved linuxrc.

- numerous bugs fixed.




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