Kaidan 0.6.0 mostly offers stability fixes and some new smaller features, such as offline messages (three dots appear right when the message has not yet been sent, a check mark appearing as soon as the message has been sent to the server) and a revised correction of messages.

New version features:

- When offline, messages are cached now to be sent later (yugubich)
- It is allowed to correct other messages than the last one now (yugubich)
- Also current messages (untouched) can be corrected now (yugubich)
- Chats can be opened from notifications now (melvo, jbb, peanut)
- A new option to permanently hide the password in Kaidan (melvo)
- New buttons to easily copy the JID and password (jbb, fazevedo)
- Moved pages account administration in settings (jbb)
- The cursor is moved to the end of the text field when you correct a message now (melvo)
- Scanning QR codes without password works now and only JID setting (melvo) results
- The list is called the contact list now (jbb)
- The resource for the displayed presence is selected with fixed rules now (it was accidental before the resource is displayed) (lnj)
- Manage notifications differently on GNOME to keep them in the notification area ( melvo)
- Passed to the implementation of uploading upstream HTTP files (lnj)
- Code refactoring and partial rewriting of the following classes: Kaidan, ClientWorker, RosterManager, PresenceCache, DownloadManager, TransferCache, QrCodeDecoder (lnj, jbb)

The following errors have been fixed:

- Playback issues in previewing media videos (fazevedo)
- Messages sent from other devices are displayed as sent by the chat partner (lnj)
- Notifications are persistently displayed on the screen (jbb)
- List item names are not updated in database (melvo)
- List items are not updated correctly in the model (melvo)
- All sheets contain two headers: Now use the new built-in header property (jbb)
- Buttons that cannot be read with white text on a white background in some styles (jbb)
- Database version not saved correctly (melvo)
- Construction errors with newer versions ZXing (vkrause)

Note: Kaidan requires a C ++ 17 compatible compiler now when building from source.

Source: kaidan.im

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