Ritchie is an open source framework that creates and modifies a CLI for your team. It allows you to easily create, create and share formulas. Ritchie currently has two versions available.

How does Ritchie work? In a general context, the common process for executing a project is to create a whole previous infrastructure, to define a language in the system that will be programmed, to download the dependencies and to define the rules that should be used for the project.

With Ritchie, it is possible to define this configuration using a formula, creating this infrastructure directly through a command line, which in this case will deliver the entire project structure with all the files configured automatically. This helps to avoid significant time spent on infrastructure and configurations.

Run the following command to create a formula:

rit create formula

You can test the formula directly after creating it.

This template consists of 3 input parameters, which represent the types of inputs currently available to use Ritchie:

- An example of a text variable

- An example of a list of text variables

- A Boolean variable sample


curl -fsSL https://commons-repo.ritchiecli.io/install.sh | bash

check version:

rit --version

Source: ritchiecli.io

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