Anul trecut , Microsoft a anuntat „GVFS“ proiect open-source ca Virtual sistem de fisiere Git.  GNOME a fost în curs de dezvoltare bine cunoscutul GVFS ca sistem de fisiere virtual pentru GIO / GLib. La început , Microsoft solicita schimbarea numelui proiectului lor dar acum fac acelasi lucru. 

Microsoft a rezistat apelurilor initiale pentru redenumirea proiectului Virtual sistem de fisiere GVFS Git, dar dupa o presiune suplimentara, au fost de acord ca ar schimba numele proiectului pentru a evita confuzia cu proiectul existent GNOME. In ultima saptamâna au început în liniste redenumirea proiectului: Microsoft GitHub repository/Magazia Microsoft GitHub

Microsoft GitHub repository a început actualizarea documentatia de la „GVFS“ la „VFS Pentru Git“. 

De asemenea , au subliniat ca pasii urmatori vor fi in a face in linia de comanda modificarile necesare pentru interfata, inclusiv redenumirea executabil CLI si service. 

As for executing the rename, here's where we're at:

  • On Monday morning, I'll rename the repo from GVFS to VFSForGit. Along with that we'll update the repo title, description, and readme with some info on the changes.
  • I will also create a project with issues for the following work:
    • Content updates
    • CLI changes
      • Design the new CLI syntax
      • Rename the CLI executable
      • Create a new gvfs.exe for Windows only, to redirect to the new CLI process. This will allow this change to go through without being disruptive to existing customers. More importantly, it will allow folks to upgrade to "VFS for Git", but still go back to older commits and run scripts that call out to "gvfs.exe"
    • Rename GVFS.Service
    • Installer updates
      • Deal with renamed files, etc. But most importantly, make sure we can handle an upgrade from "GVFS" to "VFS for Git"
    • Update functional tests to call new CLI
    • Rename our myget dev feed (or more likely, create a new feed and just retire the old one. Still want old commits to build properly though.)
    • Longer term stuff:
      • Rename the classes/variables/comments in the code itself
      • Do we rename the protocol endpoint?


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