Mastile si tranzitiile pot fi acum modificate în orice moment, si se poate folosi acum o imagine sau video. Aceasta utilizeaza tonuri de gri pentru fiecare cadru si îl converteste într-o masca, pentru a crea unele efecte. Imbunatatiri threading ce ajuta la prevenirea crashing în jurul efectelor (inclusiv masti si tranzitii), si pentru a îmbunatati performanta pe mai multe sisteme. Butonul alvare cadru pentru salvarea rapida a cadrului de previzualizare curent. Imbunatatire pentru traduceri lingvistice (Multumiri lui Frank Dana - ferdnyc)

Bumping version to 2.4.3 (libopenshot dependency to 0.2.2)
Animated Masks: New "reader" property type, initially used by the Mask effect to change the image/video used by transitions and the Mask effect
Disable OMP thread concurrency during Export, to make exports as safe as possible
Nudge clips when holding SHIFT + Left or Right arrow (Richard Alloway - N3WWN)
Add Save Current Frame button (Richard Alloway - N3WWN)
New translation & language infrastructure and logic (better logic for determining current language) (Frank Dana - ferdnyc)
Fixed split keep both sides (right side position was incorrect)
Application icon updates (Frank Dana - ferdnyc)
Zoom fixes (lots of issues relating to zooming fixed)
Undo/Redo fixes (fixing and preventing giant .osp project files)
New tutorial system, better child window management (Frank Dana - ferdnyc)
Travis CI Integration
Improve Title filename duplication naming/counting (DerGenaue)
Use track names in "Add To Timeline" window (Frank Dana - ferdnyc)
Improve waveform display rendering (DerGenaue)
Fix audio wave not rendered after completion (DylanC)
Add instagram and twitter presets (DylanC)
Add AppStream metadata to (Peter Eszlari)
Timeline JavaScript Bug Fixes (DylanC)
Timeline cleanup and performance, upgrade Angular.js (DylanC)
Removing from AppImage
Add src/language path to Mac DMG builder (Frank Dana - ferdnyc)
Add language override on command line using --lang (Frank Dana - ferdnyc)
Add explanatory text for --list-lang (Frank Dana - ferdnyc)
Some fixes for the timeline debugger (Frank Dana - ferdnyc)
Update edit-clear icon in Humanity (Frank Dana - ferdnyc)
Correct variable name typo to initialize properly (DylanC)
Convert all nonessential logs to .debug() (Frank Dana - ferdnyc)
Remove unused effects filters (Frank Dana - ferdnyc)
Add "Ask a Question" template (Frank Dana - ferdnyc)
Preventing libopenshot version check on unittests
More framerates for YouTube HD and Vimeo HD presets (Frank Dana - ferdnyc)
Convert (most) files with DOS line-endings to Unix (Frank Dana - ferdnyc)
Remove debug.js from index.html (Frank Dana - ferdnyc)
Square the PNG icon file (Frank Dana - ferdnyc)
App metadata updates for easier packaging (Frank Dana - ferdnyc)
Move Slice All shortcuts to correct menu (Frank Dana - ferdnyc) Don't set QT_DEBUG_PLUGINS=1 (Frank Dana - ferdnyc)
Updating default project type to 720p 30 FPS, and sample rate 44100
Fix retention of export path (Richard Alloway - N3WWN)
Fixing GitLab to no longer run CI for tags, and fixing version # for daily and release builds
Add "release-candidate" to filename for daily RC builds, so they don't look so official on the website
Misc Typos and text fixes (luzpaz)
Updating contributors and supporters (Thank You!)
Updating translations

libopenshot-audio: Bumping version to 0.1.7 (SO: still 6)
Travis CI integration

libopenshot: Bumping version to 0.2.2 (SO: 16)
FFmpeg 3 & 4 support
Fixed crash with masks and transitions
Fixed many bugs around FPS and video length calculation (especially for MP3 and streaming WEBM formats)
Protecting samples_per_frame calculation to keep from crashing on undetected FPS
OpenMP schedule change (added stability)
Limiting threads for both FFmpeg and OpenMP (attempting to find a good balance of parallel performance, while not spawning too many threads). Sometimes more is not always better.
Travis CI integration
Fix install paths for headers and effects (Jeff Shillitto - jeffski)
Fix bug with FFmpeg > 3.2 flushing frames (Jeff Shillitto - jeffski)
Adding "reader" property for Mask effect, to allow the user to adjust the image or video used by the mask effect.
Fixing bitrate calculation (to be in bytes instead of bits)
Adding in FPS detection for files which don't have valid FPS. In those cases (streaming files for example), we iterate through all packets, and average the # of frames, duration, bit rate, etc... Not ideal, but a better fallback.

OpenShot Video Editor este disponibil pentru descarcare pentru Linux, OS X si Windows.



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