Flowblade 2.0 este un multitrack non-linear video editor, care nu este la fel de bine cunoscut ca si Kdenlive si OpenShot, si vine cu multe imbunatatiri ale fluxului de lucru inca din prima clipa a editarii video-proiectului.
Flowblade 2.0, are o noua tema personalizata GTK3, elemente de flux de lucru configurabile si un numar de instrumente noi.



11 editing tools, 9 of which can be selected to the working set
4 methods to insert / overwrite / append clips on the timeline
Drag'n'Drop clips on the timeline
Clip and compositor parenting with other clips
Max. 9 combined video and audio tracks available

Image compositing:

10 compositors. Mix, zoom, move and rotate source video with keyframed animation tools
19 blends. Stardand image blend modes like Add, Hardlight and Overlay are available
40+ pattern wipes.

Image and audio filtering:

50+ image filters: color correction, image effects, distorts, alpha manipulation, blur, edge detection, motion effects, freeze frame, etc.
30+ audio filters: keyframed volume mixing, echo, reverb, distort, etc.

Supported editable media types:

Most common video and audio formats, depends on installed MLT/FFMPEG codecs
JPEG, PNG, TGA, TIFF graphics file types
SVG vector graphics
Numbered frame sequences

Output encoding:

Most common video and audio formats, depends on installed MLT/FFMPEG codecs
User can define rendering by setting FFMpeg args individually

Source: github.com

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