Sparky 5.7 se bazeaza pe Debian "Buster" Testing.

SparkyLinux 5.7 "Nibiru" disponibil pentru descarcare se bazeaza pe Debian "Buster" Testing.

– system updated from Debian testing repos as of March 4, 2019
– Linux kernel 4.19.16 (5.0 & 4.20.14 available at Sparky “unstable” repos)
– the Calamares installer updated up to version 3.2.4
– user’s folders such as: Documents, Music, Download, etc. are automatically created now in your home dir in Openbox and other, small window managers
– Yad reinstalled to the default Debian’s version + removed old libs (html mode doesn’t work now)
– Linux kernel has been reverted to Debian’s version from testing repos (amd64 / 686 non-pae) as default
– added very small and very simply Sparky Player to MinimalGUI edition; it lets you open almost all known multimedia formats, from a context menu
– the system identifies itself with a release number 5.7 now instead of a line number 5
– APTus enlarged off two new sections of applications: AudioTool & VideoTool
– a few small fixes

Modificari LXQt edition:
– Yarock audio player changed by a lightweight QMMP player with a simply QSUI interface as default
– Xarchiver changed by LXQt-archiver
– Simple Scan changed by SkanLite



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