Emmabuntus este o distributie Linux desktop cu editii bazate pe ramura stabila Xubuntu si Debian, astfel incât sa poata fi folosita pe calculatoarele mai vechi.

Emmabuntus DE2-1.04 este o actualizare care se bazeaza pe Debian 9.9.

Aceasta actualizare a distributiei aduce o imbunatatire a dimensiunii ISO prin optimizarea software - ului actual, si eliminarea limbilor neacceptate. În plus, acesta sustine pkexec in loc de gksu.

TDebian Edition 2-1.04 version includes urmatarele fixuri si imbunatatiri :

- Based on Debian 9.9 Stretch.
- Replaced the following Gnome applications:

- Evince by Qpdfview
- Sound juicer by Asunder
- Gnome Calculator by Galculator
- Shotwell by Nomacs

- ISO size further reduced by deleting unnecessary language files, package info, etc.
- Replaced obsolete gksu by pkexec
- Update of the install scripts for the Arail and Calibri Microsoft fonts, offline Internet.
- Update of the install scripts for Flash-Player with permanent activation of the deb-multimedia repository.
- Update of the install scripts for Skype, via Internet.
- Fix of the Samba utilization by disabling the firewall by default, and adding system-config-samba.
- Fix of the startup background image reinitialization.
- Fix the Kiwix restart when connection is active.
- Fix display of the Qt applications.
- Fix text display for the XFCE themes.
- Fsearch for updates of SweetHome3D and Minitube.
- Removal of the duplicate Init and Kernel.
- Removal of the duplicate Totem application.
- Updated of HPLip 3.19.3, TurboPrint 2.47-1, Multisystem 1.0430, Firefox ESR 60.6.3.

Cititi mai multe stiri/noutati despre Emmabuntüs aici ... Source: sourceforge.io

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