Aceasta este o lista de sarcini Solus OS pentru saptamânile 3 si 4 din 2020 de la: @JoshStrobl, @Girtablulu, @DataDrake

Week 3 (12.01.2020 - 18.01.2020)

- Finalize MATE Edition changes desired for That One Thing due by week 4

- GNOME Package Updates

- ALSA upgrades and necessary rebuilds

- Sync os-installer package with GitHub repository changes.

- Branding package updates for main image and GNOME Edition due by week 4

- Plasma 5.17.5

- Applications 19.12.1 (If I have time)

- Finalize Plasma Edition changes desired for That One Thing due by week 4

- Update linux-current to latest in 5.4 series needs to be early to middle of week for unstable testing and adequate stable testing

Week 4 (19.01.2020 - 25.01.2020)

- Change current Solus SC updates view to not be a tree view and not have optional package updates. We risk too many package breakages if we leave it to the user to be selective on package updates.

Internal ISO generations for testing. Share with selective individuals for hardware validation.

- baselayout / os release package updates.

- Sync to stable repo

Provide @JoshStrobl summaries on their editions, e.g. desktop environment release nums, default packages, list of refinements made to their editions, etc.

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