This tutorial shows how to install and configure a printer in the Slackware Linux 12.0 distribution. I used the following printers:

Canon Pixma iP1700
Canon Pixma iP4500.

Initial conditions

The Slackware Linux 12.0 distribution was installed with the "full" option, kernel (installed from sources, according to this tutorial);
The CUPS server is running on port 631:

cd /etc/rc.d chmod 0755 rc.cups ./rc.cups start

Required packages

Package download:

For Canon Pixma iP1700 printer: iP2200_Linux_260.tar.gz package
For Canon Pixma iP4500 printer: cnijfilter-common-2.80-1.i386.rpm and cnijfilter-ip4500series-2.80-1.i386.rpm packages.

Unpacking packages (Canon Pixma iP1700 printer only)

tar -zxvf iP2200_Linux_260.tar.gz

Transforming * .rpm packets into * .tgz packets

rpm2tgz * .rpm

Installing packages

For the Canon Pixma iP1700 printer:

installpkg cnijfilter-common-2.60-1.i386.tgz installpkg cnijfilter-ip2200-lprng-2.60-1.i386.tgz installpkg cnijfilter-ip2200-2.60-1.i386.tgz

(the cnijfilter-common-2.60-1.src.tgz package is optional)

For the Canon Pixma iP4500 printer:

installpkg cnijfilter-common-2.80-1.i386.tgz installpkg cnijfilter-ip4500series-2.80-1.i386.tgz

Restart the CUPS server

cd /etc/rc.d ./rc.cups restart

Installing printers (one at a time, using the web configuration interface)

su -c konqueror

and enter the address: http: // localhost: 631

Configuration description

"Add Printer" page

- completed: Name, Location, Description

- press the [Continue] button.

Page "Device for "

- Device: Canon iP1700 USB # 1 (Canon iP1700) / Canon iP4500 USB # 2 (Canon iP4500)

- press the [Continue] button.

Page "Model / Driver for "

- Model: Canon iP2200 Ver.2.60 (en) / Canon iP4500 series Ver.2.80 (en)

- press the [Add Printer] button.

Login page (root password required)

Page ": General"

After setting the options, press the [Set Printer Options] button.

Final page

For the Canon Pixma iP1700 printer:

CanonIP1700 "Printer is now online." Description: Canon Pixma iP1700 Location: MyLinuxBox Make and Model: Canon iP2200 Ver.2.60 Printer State: idle, accepting jobs, published. Device URI: usb: // Canon / iP1700

For the Canon Pixma iP1700 printer:

CanonIP4500 "Printer is now online." Description: Canon Pixma iP4500 Location: MyLinuxBox Printer Driver: Canon iP4500 series Ver.2.80 Printer State: processing, accepting jobs, published. Device URI: usb: // Canon / iP4500% 20series

After configuration it is recommended to list the test page.

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