Among the novelties, in this version, they integrated the desktop shortcuts through Conky. It has also integrated JGMenu, a very easy menu that will give you convenience, in addition, it has increased its functionality.

Archman i3WM Updates:

- linux 5.6.15.arch1-1 (linux kernel)

- bauh-staging 0.9.5.RC-1 (Installation, installation, uninstallation. package store)

- firefox 77.0.1-1 (browser internet)

- pcmanfm-gtk3 1.3.1-2 (file manager)

- lxterminal 0.3.2-2 (terminal)

- squid 3.2.24-1 (system installer)

- flameshot 0.6.0-4 (screen capture)

- JGMenu (menu of visual and light applications)

- conky 1.11.5-3 (provides desktop-specific shortcuts)

- polybar 3.4.3-1 (Lightweight and talented panel at the top of the desktop)

- surfn-icons-git 19.12-1 (Surfn Orange icon set)

-slides Calamares (tulliana)

-Turkish translation of bauh package management (tulliana)

Some of the shortcuts specific to the Archman i3WM version: (The MOD key is the key with the Windows logo at the bottom left of your keyboard)

Mod + D - Start alternative dmenu called Rofi
Mode + Shift + D - Start Dmenu
Mod + P - Start PcmanFM (File Manager)
Mod + T - Launch LxTerminal (Terminal emulator)
Mod + Shift + F - Launch Firefox (web browser)
Mod + Q - Close the selected window
Mode + S - Switch to stacking
mode Mode + W - Switch to tabbed
mode Mode + E - Switch to tile
mode Mode + R - Resize mode. In resize mode, press the arrow keys to resize. Press Enter to return to normal
Mode + H and Mode + V mode- Change the splitting direction of the screen horizontally or vertically
Control + Alt + Left / Right - Moves to the previous or next workspace. It only works if you have 2 workspaces open
Mod + L - Locks the computer
Mod + Shift + R - Fully loads the configuration file, ie desktop. After making changes to the configuration file, click it without logging out and the changes will take effect.


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