In the last 3 months, according to the team, they have worked a lot on the version - Zephyr 2.3.0. Over 200 contributors added over 3,200 commitments to codebase.

A benchmark for the project is the addition of integration with the Trusted Firmware M Trusted Execution Environment, which implements the Arm Platform Security Architecture.

Another important point of the version is related to Zephyr's use of the device-tree standard to describe the hardware it runs. A powerful, macro-based, new static API gives developers the ability to query any information they may request about the nodes and properties contained in device-tree files.

A new CMake package system reduces the need to use environmental variables, one of the biggest obstacles to installing Zephyr for the first time

Bluetooth Low Energy Host extension support, which allows devices to stream data and establish long-distance connections.

In addition to all of the above, over 900 GitHub issues were shut down during this release cycle, including improvements, feature requests, and, of course, fixing hundreds of bugs.

Installing Zephir in Ubuntu.

You need to download Zephir-master from

Download json-c from

1) sudo apt-get install gcc make re2c phpX phpX-json phpx-dev libpcre3-dev
2) Open the Json-c folder
2.1) sh
2.2) ./configure
2.3) make && make install
3) Open the zephir-master folder
3.1) ./install -c
4) Zephir help to test the correct installation


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