KaOS is a distribution that focuses on KDE Plasma and a set of tools (Qt). The latest distribution snapshot offers a series of package updates, more configuration options and additional firmware for wider hardware support.

- Plasma 5.19 on this ISO - Frameworks 5.72.0, Plasma 5.19.3, KDE Applications 20.04.3., Qt 5.15.0.

- A new option that allows you to configure the speed of the mouse and touchpad.

- For the Calamares installer, KaOS has started using as many QML modules as possible - any text or information needed can now be displayed as a QML file in the Calamares window, without the need for pop-ups or external applications.

- Updates to the base of this distribution include Cfitiso 3.480, Poppler 0.90.1, Pciutils 3.7.0, Git 2.27.0, Libacp 2.39, Pam 1.4.0. Other rebuilds were required for ICU 66.1, Boost 1.72.0, Krb5 1.18, stack based on Glib2 2.64.3, Guile 2.2.6, Mesa 20.1.3, NetworkManager 1.26.0, Perl 5.30.3, Linux 5.7.8 and Qt 5.15 .0.

- The Midna theme used in Kaos has been "redesigned" for 2020, the biggest change being the transition from QtCurve to Kvantum.

- Ksplash is simplified with more static images, the SDDM theme has a better contrast, the theming for the bootloader system.

- Grub bootloader has been updated to look similar to the bootloader system.

- KaOS is working on a complete rewrite of the Local module for the installer. It will look modern (based on QML).

KaOS uses the Systemd-boot system provided by Systemd for UEFI installations. This ISO uses the default XFS CRC file system and finobt enabled. CRCs allow for improved error detection due to hardware issues, while format changes also improve lock recovery algorithms and the ability of various tools to validate and repair metadata corruptions when they are found. The inode-free Btree does not index the inodes used, allowing faster and more consistent inode allocation performance as file systems age.

Source: kaosx.us

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