Linux. Although it was still far from perfect, certain aspects, including the lack of costs, why not admit it, convinced us, from the first moments of use, that such operating systems, but also open source applications in general, are worthwhile. all our trust and appreciation, as users. Then, learning more details about the principles of free software, based on the collaboration and voluntary contribution of users, we began to love this idea and try to make it better known, talking about its many advantages.

I, personally, got in touch with Linux in 2008 when, looking online for operating systems other than Windows, I came across ... Ubuntu. The few screenshots I saw made a pleasant impression on me. I still didn't know anything about Linux then, except for what I've heard from some acquaintances, namely that Linux is ugly, hard to use, you have to know commands and you better not get involved. I didn't even know about Ubuntu that it was Linux, I hadn't paid enough attention to this aspect when looking for an alternative to Windows that had started to become a source of frustration.

I didn't know then what a Linux distribution is, like Ubuntu, there are dozens, even hundreds of operating systems that are based on the Linux kernel and are called distributions. I happened to discover Ubuntu because at that time its popularity had already begun to grow, being already in the fourth year since its appearance and had already begun to become known as a free alternative to Windows.

I then installed Ubuntu in Windows and it appeared in the Control Panel as a program installed there, which I could uninstall like any other Windows program. Only after almost a year, during which time I gained some experience, helped by a friend, I installed Uuntu properly, with root, home and swap partitions. Of course, I kept Windows for a while, because I still didn't feel very secure using an operating system with a graphical interface, really very intuitive, but still different from the one Microsoft was used to. I was really fascinated by those spectacular graphics effects that could be set from Compiz Config on Ubuntu.

In the meantime, things have reversed a bit, being at some point forced to get used to the transition of Ubuntu from GNOME2 to Unity, a transition that has revolted many. At the moment, I have more confidence in what I do on Linux, and when I have to use a Windows computer, I can say that it gives me the same feeling as a car that goes with the brakes applied, as if no matter how powerful that computer is, the operating system limits it.

Tell us about your first contact with Linux below.

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