A very useful tool for everyone, simple and intuitive, which shows us when our computer gets too hot, is the Psensor application. This graphical temperature indicator is very easy to install and can be interpreted by anyone. In addition, the latest version brings new features that support the user. All this against the background of an extremely low consumption of resources.

According to the developer's official website, the application can currently monitor the following aspects:

- motherboard and processor
temperature - AMD NVidia graphics card
operating temperature
- hard drive temperature - fan speed
- CPU usage level

The latest version of this application allows the installation in Unity of an applet indicator. Also, the application can be used in Ubuntu, Debian, Linux Mint, openSUSE, ArchLinux etc.

The application can be installed from the Ubuntu Software Center or through the terminal.

sudo apt-get install lm-sensors
sudo sensors-detect

After the application has been installed, we will have to access it using the Home button.

Source: wpitchoune.net

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