Geary is a free, clear open source application, if we refer to its design, modern and very popular among users of various GNU / Linux distributions. After so long since we use this software, we can say that it deserves its fame and trust. To be honest, the application must not only be installed, but also used every day. Only in this way you will be able to notice how well and quietly it works and how elegantly it does its job without draining the computer of energy.

There are currently countless GNU / Linux distributions, some known, others less well known, that have included this software among those in the factory. Would the developers of these distributions have risked introducing the application if it had not been up to par?

For those who have not heard of Geary, you should know that this application is meant to help us in the fight of e-mail management. We can easily see this software as an alternative to the already known Mozilla Thunderbird or Evolution.

Geary, in short, is a high-performance multi-email client that allows you to read, compose, reply, sort (depending on several criteria), archive, delete, search, mark messages, depending on their importance for you or according to the read / unread criterion etc. When it comes to reading emails, you can do this very quickly without having to click on the message to open it in a new window, as is usually the case. In addition, you are notified every time you receive a new email, and you can also choose to have the application automatically correct what you type incorrectly. Extremely easy you can change the default settings of the software and adapt it to your tastes.

The application understands perfectly with the servers that use the IMAP protocol, so that the management of GMail, Yahoo Mail, etc. accounts. it will not be a problem. You are allowed to bring more such accounts for more effective control over them.

Geary has now reached version 3.32, being released on March 30, 2015. Release notes can be read here. The installation is done quickly using the Software Center of the GNU / Linux distribution used. Very useful information and user tutorials can be found on the official website of the application, a site that is a click away from you, if you access this link. This site was also the basis of the technical information we presented to you, along with our experience and impressions in using the software.

Unfortunately, Windows users will be deprived of the opportunity to use an alternative to Mozilla Thunderbird, an alternative that could be extremely useful to them, because Geary is only available for GNU / Linux, especially for Gnome. Geary has been intensively tested and used on distributions such as Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, openSUSE, Linux Mint, Manjaro etc.


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