It doesn't matter that your tablet or smartphone is running Android or Windows, anytime and anywhere viruses can compromise your system and leave you with huge financial debts, stress and image damage. Usually, when you are more confident or the world is dearer to you, you suffer from it and, as always, you will not realize at first what it is about.

The ones who create the viruses are always one step ahead of the authorities and the companies that offer security. It takes a long time for such an attack to be spotted and repaired. You have probably noticed in the news that there are such problems that the number of infested devices is almost every time huge, tens of thousands or even more. Now, to be fair, if the operating system had performed somehow well, such programs that only do harm would not have existed. Hackers do nothing but use vulnerabilities in the operating system or in certain programs when they set up a virus.

What are the signs of a virus tablet or phone?


Regardless of whether the device works harder after a restart or after installing an application, it should make you think of a sudden and unusual difficulty. In fact, almost everything that changes its behavior in a negative way, after installing a new application, should make you ask yourself questions.

Huge bills

Viruses love communication. In this sense, I either send text messages through countries you haven't heard of, but you have to pay a surcharge, or they go crazy through such destinations. Some, more friendly by nature, buy with your real money virtual coins for all kinds of Facebook applications and more.

Fast battery consumption

If the device's battery runs out for a while and without you abusing it, then this phenomenon is a sign that there are applications lurking in the background. It doesn't have to be a virus, but it doesn't hurt to check.

Increased data traffic

If the data traffic from your device to other entities has increased without you doing anything about it and without you knowing that you would be suffering from sleepwalking, it is more than likely that you have a virus that reports everything you do and what you have in the device of some foreign servers.

closing / restarting / opening suddenly

Clearly, your phone is not owned but, more than likely, infected. There is also a small possibility that certain hardware equipment will give it this behavior, but if the possession is associated with increased data traffic and huge bills, you should urgently stop it until you solve the problem.

Poor call quality

One reason for the poor quality of calls may be viruses. So, if your device suddenly interrupts your conversation or makes all kinds of sounds, you should think that, in addition to possible internal defects, dangerous software can also act.

Changes overnight

If an application disappeared overnight without you doing something about it or if you found that others were installed, or when you checked your browsing history you found that certain addresses were accessed without you You know this, it's a sign of bad luck and viruses.

Appearance or disappearance of messages

Whether we are talking about SMS, emails or any other way to send a message or notification, if it exists now and will not exist in 3-5 minutes, it means that the virus is doing its job.

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