Linuxfx 10.5 WX Desktop Desktop version The name "Windowsfx" is based on Ubuntu 20.04 + Cinnamon 4.6 with WX Desktop. Older systems should work well in this version of Linuxfx. Linuxfx now has its own compilation of WINE, bringing much more compatibility with .exe and .msi games and applications with just a double click on the executable.

OnlyOffice now comes as a standard office suite. The WX Desktop theme has been updated, along with a control panel and other native Linuxfx tools.

Linuxfx changes 10 code names "Windowsfx" [10.5] 16.08.2020:

- Core 5.7.15

- Bluetooth restored

Basic operating system: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS / Linuxfx 10 LTS
Graphical interface (DM): Cinnamon 4.6 + Linuxfx WX Desktop
Kernel: 05/07/15
Office suite: OnlyOffice 5.6
Networks: SAMBA
Active director PowerBroken (PBIS) / CID
Exe / .msi compatibility Wine 5 (Linuxfx version)
Theme for Windows® 10 b00merang GPL Windows® 10 Themepack
Windows® 10 Tools Linuxfx WX Desktop System Tools


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