AV Linux MX Edition, with 32-bit XFCE4 / Openbox and 64-bit XFCE4 versions, is based on MX Linux 19.3 "Patito Feo". AV Linux is based on Debian Buster, but all future developments will enter the version of AV Linux MX Edition (AVL-MXE) from now on.

Highlights of this release:

- Kernel 5.9.1-rt19 (32 bits) and Kernel 5.9.1-rt20 (64 bits).
- These cores include the Bluetooth stack security solution.
- XFCE4 with Openbox in 32-bit version.
- Full XFCE4 desktop in 64-bit version.
- Very extensive AVL-MXE assistant
- New custom themes "Diehard" and "Earth".
- Updated AVL-MXE user manual.
- Ardor 6.5 DAW (full version) with the new VST3 support!
- Harrison Mixbus 6.2.26 DAW (demo version) with the new VST3 support!
- Harrison AVA Plugin * demos cannot work with all openGL settings.
- Reaper (demo version) makes its native Linux debut on AVL-MXE!
- Hundreds of top FLOSS Audio plug-ins for shelves included ... too many to list!
- Odin2 and Surge synthesizers join the list!
- Audio demo plugin versions (including VST3 versions!)
- Demonstrations: ACM, Audio Assault, Auburn Sounds, Cut Through, OverTone
- One-click removal of all Demoware.
- Full Wine-staging configuration with preconfigured LinVst 3.1.5 files.
- Sky video editor with Avidemux, Cin, Kdenlive and Olive!
- Sky chart with Blender, GIMP, Inkscape and Shotwell!

NOTE: Username and password are "demo" Root Password is "root". The 32-bit version of AVL-MXE uses SliM Login Manager and requires manual authentication. The 64-bit version will automatically authenticate and use lightDM. The full RT Preempt kernel in AVL-MXE does not work well with recent versions of Virtualbox.

Source: bandshed.net

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