The Gnome edition has received a major overhaul. Gnome 3.38 offers performance improvements, significantly improved application grid, parental controls, excellent welcome tour, and many other features.

The new OEM-style installation makes the installation process extremely simple, and Gnome-Initial-Setup allows you to easily install Manjaro for others.

The utility of the Manjaro application has also got many improvements, allowing you to easily choose your favorite browsers, office suites and password managers.

Keystrokes have also been improved to more efficiently manage virtual desktops.

The dark mode automatically allows you to automatically change the theme of qt applications.

The Gnome edition now comes with startup dialogs and graphical passwords for encrypted systems.

Desktop, now use 40% less RAM than before.

Wayland is now applied to non-Nvidia hardware as well.

KDE Edition offers a powerful, mature and feature-rich Plasma 5.20 desktop environment with a unique look. The new version includes Wayland enhancements, new power saving options, improved center settings, dolphin touch support and more.

With a wide selection of the latest KDE 20.08 applications and other applications, Manjaro-KDE aims to be a versatile and elegant environment, ready for all your daily needs.

XFCE edition, comes with Xfce 4.14. Xfce stable, offering reliable performance, no surprises.

Kernel 5.9 is used for this version, such as the latest drivers available to date. With 5.4 LTS-Kernel minimal-ISO, we offer additional support for older hardware.

The Calamares plumber also received many improvements. Among other things, it now supports encrypted systems without an encrypted / boot partition. It now allows graphical password dialogs. Automatic partitioning still uses full disk encryption by default.

Enjoy this version and tell us what you think about Nibia.

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