Sparky 2020.12 semi-rolling is based on Debian Bullseye testing

Sparky 2020.12 semi-rolling is based on Debian testing "Bullseye" comes with the following changes:
• updated packages from the Debian repos tests from December 3, 2020
• Linux kernel 5.9.11 (5.9.12 and 5.10-rc6 in unstable Sparky landmarks)
• Squid 3.2.34 + kpmcore 4.2.0
• APTus replaced by APTus AppCenter 20201203-RC1; is still under development, but is stable enough
• "sparky-www" has been added - it's a small package that offers a customization Sparky's homepage, developed by DuckDuckGo
• Firefox 83.0
• Thunderbird 78.5 .0
• LibreOffice 7.0.3
• VLC 3.0.11
• Exaile 4.1.0 beta1
• libpython3.9 is installed, but Python 3.8 is still the default
• python2.x and libpython2.x removed
• GCC 10.2.0 as default compiler
• added RSS feed clients: QuiteRSS to LXQt and Liferea to iso MATE and Xfce images

Reinstalling the system is not necessary, perform a complete system upgrade using the Sparky Upgrade tool or a command:


or by APT:

sudo apt update
sudo apt full-upgrade



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