NeoChat 1.0 - instant messaging system similar to Whatsapp or Telegram

Matrix is ​​an instant messaging system similar to Whatsapp or Telegram, but uses an open and decentralized network for secure and confidential communications. NeoChat is a visually appealing Matrix client that runs on desktop computers and mobile phones (Plasma Mobile and Android).

NeoChat offers an elegant and converged user interface, allowing it to adapt to any screen size automatically and gracefully.

NeoChat offers a timeline with support for simple messages and allows you to upload images and video and audio files. You can reply to messages and add feedback. You can invite users to a private room or chat.

NeoChat also includes an image editor (KQuickImageEditor), which allows you to crop or rotate images before sending them.

Matrix is ​​an open network for secure and decentralized communications. NeoChat is a fork of Spectral, another QML client, and uses the libQuotient library to interact with the Matrix protocol. NeoChat uses Kirigami and QML to provide an elegant and converged user interface.

NeoChat is fully translated into English, Ukrainian, Swedish, Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian, French, Dutch, Catalan (Valencian), Catalan, British English, Italian, Norwegian Nynorsk and Slovenian.

A Flathub version will be released in the coming days.



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