A new edition of the Septor Linux 2021 distribution is available. The main feature of this operating system is the traffic through the Tor network , which is currently considered one of the safest ways to communicate on the Internet. When you connect to the Tor network, there are numerous network nodes that will be used to receive, transmit and send user data.

Debian (Bullseye) is used as the basis for the operating system, with a KDE graphical environment. The distribution can also be used in live mode or installed classically on the hard disk.

Several applications have been replaced, so now the full list of programs looks like this:

  • Dolphin and KFind for file management and search
  • Synaptic and DEBiTool for software management and installation
  • Graphics / Multimedia: GIMP, Gwenview. VLC, K3b, Guvcview, VokoscreenNG
  • Chancellery: LibreOffice, Kontact, Organizer, Okular, Kwrite, Kate
  • Internet: Tor pregledač, Thunderbird, qTox IM, HexChat, QuiteRSS, OnionShare
  • Other: Gufw, Ark, Sweeper, KGpg, Cleopatra, Mat2, KWallet, zuluCrypt, ISO Image Writer, Kup-backup

For root access to files, a menu icon is available. HexChat and QuiteRSS are set to the Tor network by default, and users can change this by configuring these applications in the Network section. The qTox configuration is performed by users in their profiles and to determine the correct parameters in the connection settings, it is necessary to look at the README text file in the Documents folder.

The graphical interface of the installation procedure is set by default to English, which can be modified in the first step of the installation.

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