KaOS 2021.01, is the first ISO delivered with Qt 6 . Not that Plasma is ready for Qt 6, but some applications are (Poppler, Strawberry, Qsynth, Qtkeychain, for example). Version 20.12 of KDE applications has added almost a dozen new applications

Spectacle uses Kimageannotator for the annotation tool.

Stacer can now also be used as a system cleaning tool and for managing startup applications.

As always in this rolling distribution, you will find the latest Plasma desktop packages: Frameworks 5.78.0, Plasma 5.20.5 and KDE 20.12.1 Applications. All built on Qt 5.15.2 .

Calamares, now PROVIDES preliminary support for "split" encryption, where the boot partition is not encrypted and the rest of the system is encrypted.

Also, as a novelty there is a PyQt 6 stack, including Sip 6, PyQt-Builder, PyQt6-sip and PyQt 6.0.0.

Updates to this distribution have been numerous and include LLVM / Clang 11 (11.0.1), Python3 3.8.7, ICU 68.2, Boost 1.75.0, Git 2.30.0, Protobuf 3.14, Hdf5 1.12.0, Poppler 21.01. 0, Mesa 20.3.3, NetworkManager 1.28.0, Libarchive 3.5.1, Samba 4.13.3.

LibreOffice has thus replaced Calligra as the default Office application for KaOS.

Kaeso Croeso helps set up a new installation, and offers the adjustment of about 15 settings, includes a custom wallpaper selector, distribution information and the option to select packages to install from six different groups.

This ISO uses the CRC and finobt enabled XFS file system by default .

ATTENTION : Installation on RAID is not currently possible.

Cititi mai multe stiri/noutati despre KaOS aici ... Source: kaosx.us

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