Buyers will receive by default (as yet unannounced) the extended battery option (unless the customer wishes to use both M.2 slots). They will deliver Librem 14 with extended battery with 4 cells starting with February 2021.

When designing Librem 14, a 3-cell battery and a second M.2 storage slot were taken into account. Subsequently, the Librem development team evaluated the possibility of including an extended 4-cell battery, which could increase capacity by 33%. At that time, the 3-cell battery was offered by default, and the extended 4-cell battery as an optional upgrade after launch.

Display : 5.7″ IPS TFT screen @ 720×1440
Processor: i.MX8M (Quad Core) max. 1.5GHz
Memory: 3GB
Storage : 32 GB eMMC internal storage
Wireless : 802.11abgn 2.4 Ghz / 5Ghz + Bluetooth 4
Baseband : Option 1: Broadmobi BM818 (default); Option 2: Gemalto PLS8 (additional surcharge TBD); w/ single nanosim tray on replaceable M.2 card
Smartcard: Reader with 3FF card slot (microSIM card size)
Sound : 1 earpiece speaker, 3.5mm headphone jack
External Storage: microSD storage expansion
Accelerometer: 9-axis IMU (gyro, accel, magnetometer)
Front Camera: 8 MPixel
Back Camera: 13 MPixel w/ LED flash
Vibration motor: included
USB Type C: USB 3.0 data, Charging (Dual-Role Port), Video out
Battery: User replaceable – 4,500 mAh

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